Auto Credit: Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) 2013 -> Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) 2014
Policy, FAQs and Selected Elements and Factors 

~ How can practices use PCSP Recognition toward PCMH Recognition? ~


1. Organizations with both primary care and specialty practices that have practices with PCSP 2013 Level 2 or Level 3 Recognition may use auto credit for selected elements in PCSP to streamline the Recognition process for PCMH 2014.  
2. To receive auto credit, PCMH and PCSP practices within the same organization must share the same electronic systems and use the same policies and procedures or documented processes. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. If a practice is applying for PCMH Recognition and is in the same organization as a practice with PCSP Recognition, what auto-credit may be applied to PCMH? 

1. The practice is allowed to attest to a maximum eight (8) elements from PCSP 2013 to PCMH 2014. However, several factors within these eight elements are not available for auto credit because they are specific to PCMH, and not to PCSP, or they are required at the site level and must be reported for each practice site.

(See the table below for details of the eight (8) elements and their associated factors.)

2. Is there a time limit?


2. Attestation for auto credit in a second Recognition must occur within the 3-year Recognition period but not within the last three (3) months of their Recognition. 

3. Which elements are eligible for auto credit?

3. Eight (8) PCSP elements are eligible to be used as auto credit in PCMH: 
For PCSP 2013, the elements are PCSP 2B, 2D, 3A, 3B, 4C, 5A, 5C, 6D.
Refer to the table below for a list of the elements that may be used for auto credit. 
Please note that some factors within these elements cannot be used for auto credit. 

4. What is the process for using the auto credit option?


4. The practice responds “yes” in the PCMH survey for the auto credit eligible factors and provides an attestation:  
In the Organizational Background tab of the PCMH 2014 ISS survey tool, the practice will attest to the following for each eligible element:  
 “[Name of practice] previously achieved NCQA Level 2 or Level 3 Recognition as a Patient-Centered Specialty Practice and attests that the responses to the eligible factors for this element reflect the current operations of the practice site. Documentation to support these responses can be provided on request.”
The practice must be able to provide documentation for the auto credit elements if it is selected for audit. 

5. Can any data or documentation be transferred from a PCSP Survey Tool to the new application for PCMH?

5. No, NCQA is not able to transfer data from one type of Survey Tool to the other because of the differences in the Standards, Elements and Factors.  

[6 standards, 27 elements, 178 factors]

Multi-Site – Multi-Specialty

PCSP 2013

Available for Auto Credit in PCMH 2014


Auto Credit with Attestation

PCMH 1: Patient-Centered Access


Element A: Patient-Centered Appointment Access (Must Pass)



Element B: 24/7 Access to Clinical Advice



Element C: Electronic Access   



PCMH: Team-Based Care


Element A: Continuity



Element B: Medical Home Responsibilities


Element C: Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services


Factors 2-4 Only 


Element D: The Practice Team (Must Pass)  



PCMH 3: Population Health Management


Element A: Patient Information


Factors 1-8, 11-13 only
Factor 14 is met only if both PCSP factors 12 and 13 are met

Element B: Clinical Data



Element C: Comprehensive Health Assessment     



Element D: Use Data for Population Management (Must Pass)    
Element E: Implement Evidence-Based Decision Support

PCMH 4: Care Management and Support


Element A: Identify Patients for Care Management



Element B: Care Planning and Self-Care Support (Must Pass)



Element C: Medication Management  



Element D: Use Electronic Prescribing
Element E: Support Self-Care and Shared Decision Making

PCMH 5: Care Coordination and Care Transitions

Element A: Test Tracking and Follow-up


Factors 1-5, 7-10
No credit is given for this element without meeting *Critical Factors* 1&2

Element B: Referral Tracking and Follow-up (Must Pass)



Element C: Coordinate Care Transitions


Factors 1-3
Factor 7 is only met if the practice uses CEHRT

PCMH 6: Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement

Element A: Measure Clinical Quality Performance



Element B: Measure Resource Use and Care Coordination



Element C: Measure Patient/Family Experience



Element D: Implement Continuous Quality Improvement (Must Pass)



Element E: Demonstrate Continuous Quality Improvement



Element F: Report Performance 
Factors 1-2
Element G: Use Certified EHR Technology  

8 PCSP elements may be used for auto credit

Some elements will be limited to specified factors


Updated 10/11/2016

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