2018 Credentialing Accreditation Evaluation Options 

NCQA’s Credentialing (CR) Accreditation program requirements assess key aspects of credentialing operations. They focus on consumer protection and improvement in service to customers.  

Key Assessment Areas (corresponding standards) 

  • Improving operations through an internal QI process (CRA 1) 
  • Ensuring appropriate agreements and collaboration with clients (CRA 2) 
  • Protecting credentialing information (CRA 3)
  • Ensuring a peer-review process for making credentialing decisions (CR 2) 
  • Verifying credentials at time of initial credentialing and recredentialing (CR 3, CR 4) 
  • Ongoing monitoring of sanctions and complaints (CR 5) 
  • Assessment of organizational providers (CR 7) 


  • Internal Quality Improvement Process (CRA 1) 
  • Agreement and Collaboration with Clients (CRA 2) 
  • Protecting Credentialing Information (CRA 3) 
  • Credentialing Policies (CR 1) 
  • Credentialing Committee (CR 2) 
  • Credentialing Verification (CR 3) 
  • Recredentialing Cycle Length (CR 4) 
  • Ongoing Monitoring (CR 5) 
  • Notification to Authorities and Practitioner Appeal Rights (CR 6) 
  • Assessment of Organizational Providers (CR 7) 
  • Delegation of Credentialing (CR 8)

New Online Application Process

NCQA now accepts applications for its Accreditation and Certification programs online. Hardcopy applications are no longer available from the NCQA Download Center.


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