Quality Talks 2022: Siobhan Wescott, MD, on Why U.S. Race Data is Problematic, e.g. American Indians/Alaska Natives

Dr. Wescott is the inaugural holder of the Dr. Susan and Susette (Inshata Theumba) LaFlesche Professorship in Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Her heritage and experience have shaped her career toward the goal of improving the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

She was previously the Assistant Director of the Indians into Medicine (INMED) program at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Dr. Wescott formerly taught in the Department of Public Health at North Dakota State University in American Indian Public Health. She is Athabascan from Fairbanks, Alaska. Dr. Wescott holds a medical degree from Harvard Medical School, a Master of Public Health degree from the UCLA School of Public Health, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from Dartmouth College.