NCQA 2022 Health Innovation Summit Session: Promoting Equity by Measuring What Matters Most

Everyone deserves fair and just access to high-quality health care that addresses their unique needs, reflects their diverse background and culture, and is designed to deliver the outcomes they want. This is particularly true for people with complex health care needs, many of whom are older adults, who often receive care that may be misaligned with their needs and goals. To address this challenge, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) developed, implemented, and tested a set of Person-Centered Outcome (PCO) measures. The PCO measures drive care that matters to people and encourages organizations throughout the care continuum to work together in an integrated manner to help people achieve their health outcome goals. By organizing the healthcare system around what matters to people, their families and their community, we have the opportunity to deliver care that produces better health outcomes, in a more efficient, equitable and more cost-effective way.

Promoting Equity by Measuring What Matters Most – Powerpoint