Jennifer Schneider, MD – Quality Talks 2020 Q&A

What makes a magic moment? Jennifer Schneider, MD, MS, says it’s when an app analyzes your calendar, your location, the time and place of your next meeting and the traffic in between. And then it automatically warns you—sends you an alert—it’s time to leave if you want to arrive on time. Magic.


Dr. Schneider is among a growing group of health care leaders working to make magic at the intersection of data science, clinical impact, and behavioral outcomes. It’s a new field called applied health signals. Scientists aggregate and interpret personal health data to develop messages, reminders, and alerts—timely signals that help people stay on track and improve their own health.


Dr. Schneider’s perspective is data-driven, patient-centered and unique. She’s an accomplished physician, executive and health services researcher. But she’ll quickly tell you her passion for personal applied health signals is fueled by her own experience with a chronic condition diagnosed when she was just a child.