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10.16.2023 UM 13, Element C Exceptions Is the Exceptions section language in UM 13, Element C going to be updated for mail service organizations?

Yes. The following updates to the Exceptions section language are effective immediately and will be included in a Policy Update in November 2023.
This element is NA if:

  • The organization does not delegate UM activities.
  • Delegation arrangements have been in effect for less than 12 months.

Factor 1 is NA for mail service delegates.
Factors 2–6 are NA for Interim Surveys.
Factors 3 and 4 are NA if a mail service delegate distributes information for an element with an annual frequency. The delegation agreement in Element A must outline the frequency for reviewing the delegate’s reports (i.e., annual or semiannual) (UM 13, Element A, factor 4).
Factors 5 and 6 are NA if the delegate only provides cloud-based UM data storage functions and does not provide services that create, modify or use UM data.
Factors 5 and 6 are NA for mail service delegates that:

  • Provide print mail service only. 
  • Do not have access to the organization’s UM system. 
  • Do not have a UM system of their own.
  • Do not modify or store the UM data sent by the organization. 
  • Return UM data provided by the organization.

All bullets must be addressed in a delegation agreement for factors 5 and 6 to be NA.
Factor 6 is NA if the organization did not identify any date modifications or if all identified date modifications met the delegation agreement or the delegate’s policies and procedures.

Note: The strikethrough text indicates changes to the Exceptions section.

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