Accreditation Process

NCQA’s Accreditation of Case Management for Long-term Services and Supports allows you to demonstrate to partners and payers that your organization has the appropriate processes and procedures to coordinate efficient, effective person-centered care that meets people’s needs and helps keep them in their preferred setting.

Obtaining accreditation usually takes between nine and twelve months, depending on your organization’s readiness.

Becoming Accredited

The process follows these steps:

Purchase the Standards and Guidelines
The accreditation of Case Management for LTSS standards and guidelines detail program and documentation requirements.

Complete and Submit the Online Application
NCQA reviews the application, approves eligibility and schedules survey dates.

Purchase the Survey Tool
Complete a readiness evaluation using the online survey tool.

Submit the Completed Survey
Submit the completed survey and documentation on the date when the survey is scheduled to start. NCQA uses the survey tool to perform an offsite evaluation of non-file review elements.

Onsite Survey and Preliminary Report
NCQA performs an onsite evaluation of file-review elements and creates a preliminary report. After the evaluation, NCQA surveyors hold a closing presentation with organization staff to discuss findings and overall strengths and opportunities.

Review Preliminary Report
Organizations generally receive the preliminary report within two weeks of the onsite survey, and may provide comments to NCQA.

Receive Decision
Organizations generally receive their final report and accreditation decision about a month after the closing presentation.

Program Requirements

NCQA’s standards provide a framework for organizations to deliver efficient, effective person-centered care that meets people’s needs, helps keep people in their preferred setting and aligns with state and MCO requirements.

Become a trusted organization for coordinating long-term services and supports. Contact an NCQA representative to learn more about the program, or purchase the Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS standards.