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9.15.2022 Quality Compass Data Extract What if I only need access to a subset of the data from Quality Compass? Can I obtain a data extract?

If you do not need access to all the data results available within Quality Compass, you can request a custom data extract. Pricing for data extracts start at $2,500 and are determined by the amount of data requested and the client’s use case.

You can obtain a custom quote by reaching out to the Information Products team and completing a data request form that details your data needs and requested permissions.


9.15.2022 Follow-Up After Emergency Department Visit for Substance Use (FUA) Should the Residential Program Detoxification Value Set be used when reporting the FUA measure? It is not listed in the Value Set Directory.

Yes. The Residential Program Detoxification Value Set and codes will be included in the Update release of the Value Set Directory on March 31, 2023. The OID for the value set is 2.16.840.1.113883.3.464.1004.2408, and it includes two HCPCS codes:

  • H0010     Alcohol and/or drug services; sub-acute detoxification (residential addiction program inpatient) (H0010)
  • H0011   Alcohol and/or drug services; acute detoxification (residential addiction program inpatient) (H0011)


9.15.2022 Cost to Purchase Quality Compass How much does Quality Compass cost?

Quality Compass is priced according to the number of users, years of trended data, and whether your organization needs access to the Data Exporter feature. The cost breakdown is available on our pricing table on the NCQA Store .


9.15.2022 Follow-Up Care for Children Prescribed ADHD Medication (ADD) In step 1 of the Event/Diagnosis for Rate 1, what timeframe is used to identify dispensed ADHD medications?

In step 1 identify all children in the specified age range who were dispensed an ADHD medication during the 12-month Intake Period. This clarification will be in the MY 2023 Technical Update.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Medicare Include CAHPS Data Does the Medicare dataset include CAHPS data?

The Medicare product line does not include CAHPS survey results. We recommend contacting Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) if you are interested in obtaining Medicare CAHPS data.



9.15.2022 Quality Compass How can I obtain plan performance data and/or benchmark results for HEDIS and CAHPS measures?

You can obtain access to performance data and benchmarks via the NCQA Quality Compass tool. Quality Compass is an interactive database containing individual plan performance results for HEDIS® and CAHPS® measures, as well as benchmark data at the national, regional (Census, HHS) and state levels. To learn more about Quality Compass and licensing access to HEDIS performance results, visit our Quality Compass homepage.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Prior Year Data or Trended Data Does Quality Compass allow users to access prior year data or trended results?

Customers interested in accessing prior year data can choose to add up to three years of trended results to their Quality Compass purchase. For example, if you purchase Quality Compass 2022 (MY 2021), you can choose to add the trended data feature to access MY 2020 MY 2019 results.

It is important to note that not all data can be trended due to significant changes in the measure specifications. Quality Compass indicates when measures should be trended with caution or if there has been a break in trending and results should not be trended year-to-year. These trending determinations can be found on the Help tab within the Quality Compass tool or in the Volume 2 HEDIS technical specifications.

Access to the latest data year must be purchased annually.


9.15.2022 Audit Timeline The HEDIS MY 2022 Audit Timeline posted on NCQA’s website states that organizations must submit all documentation, including Sections 5 and 5a of the Roadmap, by March 1. Does this mean that organizations have until March 1 to submit Sections 5 and 5a?

No. The Roadmap is due January 31. All sections must be submitted by this date. The “March 1” date for Sections 5 and 5a is meant to account for the rare occasion where a supplemental data source is identified after the January 31 deadline and must be considered for audit. These sources must be identified no later than March 1, with a completed Roadmap section. This should be the exception, not the standard process.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Sharing Restrictions What are the sharing restrictions and guidelines for distributing the data available on Quality Compass?

You can find the standard guidelines and restrictions for data usage in Section 2 of the Quality Compass license agreement. This agreement in located on our website as well as on the NCQA store site, prior to any purchase of a license. If you expect your data usage to fall outside of the permissions set forth in the standard agreement, NCQA offers customized agreements to grant extended permissions and use cases, subject to a separate fee.

If you are unsure if your use case falls outside the standard license terms, submit your question via my.ncqa.org for further assistance.


9.15.2022 Social Need Screening and Intervention (SNS-E) For SNS-E, are organizations allowed to count screenings that were conducted using adapted or translated versions of screening instruments?

As an ECDS-reported measure, the SNS-E screening numerator counts only screenings that use instruments in the measure specification as identified by the associated LOINC code(s). Allowed screening instruments and LOINC codes for each social need domain are listed in “Definitions” in the measure specification.

NCQA recognizes that organizations might need to adapt or modify instruments to meet the needs of their membership. To clarify:

  • The SNS-E measure specification does not prohibit cultural adaptations or linguistic translations from being counted toward the measure’s screening numerators.
  • Only screenings documented using the LOINC codes specified in the SNS-E measure count toward the measure’s screening numerators.
  • The Regenstrief Institute, which maintains the LOINC database, has indicated that LOINC codes do not distinguish between adapted and translated instruments.
  • Tool developers have varying policies with regard to cultural adaptation and translations; some state that users may adapt screening instruments, others state that organizations must obtain permission first.

NCQA urges organizations to refer to the tool developer for information about adaptations or translations that are available or allowed.


8.15.2022 Quality Compass: Data Exporter What is the Data Exporter feature on Quality Compass?

All versions of Quality Compass allow users to build customized reports within the tool. Versions of Quality Compass that include the Data Exporter feature allows users to download and export those custom reports into Microsoft Excel.

The Data Exporter feature also grants access to the “All Measures Download” file. This file contains plan-level performance data for all publicly reported health plan submissions and all HEDIS and CAHPS measure results in a single downloadable file. Versions purchased without Data Exporter will not have the ability to export plan level data but will still have access to Excel versions of the benchmarks.


8.15.2022 Individual Plan Data - Quality Compass What are the “individual plan data” available on Quality Compass?

Individual plan data are the HEDIS and CAHPS performance rates submitted by health plans that chose to publicly report their results to NCQA. Users have access to all publicly reported plans in a specific product line (commercial, Medicaid, Medicare) and can easily select a subset of plans based on coverage in different regions/states.