IDSS Import Template and Materials

We are pleased to share with you this year's IDSS Import Template for use with the Interactive Data Submission System, IDSS. For the xml and xsd files below, if you do not wish to view (or save) these files from your browser window, then right-click "save target as" to save the file to your machine. 

IDSS Import Template

  1. Intro to the IDSS Import XML - a general overview of the import format
  2. Commercial Import Template - xml import template for commercial submissions. (updated 12/28/17)
  3. Medicaid Import Template - xml import template for medicaid submissions. (updated 12/28/17)
  4. Medicare Import Template - xml import template for medicare submissions. (updated 1/17/18)
  5. Marketplace Import Template - xml import template for marketplace submissions (updated 12/28/17)
  6. Generic Import Template - all product lines combined (commercial, Medicaid, Medicare and Marketplace) with no audit elements. (updated 12/28/17)
  7. Import Template Schema (xsd) - the (xsd) schema file for the IDSS import templates
  8. ECDS XML Schema – the (xml) schema file for the ECDS measures import templates. (updated 2/1/18)
  9. ECDS Import Template - xml import template for ECDS submissions. (updated 1/12/18)

IDSS Data Dictionaries

CSV files containing all measure IDs and descriptions; data element names and descriptions; and data type.

  1. Commercial (updated 12/28/17) 
  2. Medicaid (updated 12/28/17)
  3. Medicare  (updated 1/17/18)
  4. Marketplace (updated 12/28/17)

Relative Resource Use

Due to the suspension of Relative Resource Use (RRU) HEDIS Measures, Health plans should not report RRU measures for 2018.

Submit questions at

RRU Suspension Memo

Latest Updates

1/31/18 -

  • ECDS Schema was validating ASF as having 4 stratifications and the file has been updated to 3 stratifications. No changes are were needed to the sample file. 

1/25/18 -

ECDS XML Schema and Template Updates:

  • Changed the Eligible Population reference to Initial Population to align with HEDIS Vol2 specifications.
  • For ASF age stratification, removed 18-25 and 26-44 and replaced it with 18-44 in all areas. 

1/17/18 –

  • Medicare- Updated First-tier, Second-Tier, Data Dictionary and Import Template For the two indicators Notification of Inpatient Admission and Receipt of Discharge Information since these indicators are hybrid only and do not include any admin components we have removed those Admin components from UI reporting.
  • Medicare- Updated IDSS UI Measure page for UOD and UOP Rate is calculated per 1000 members  and we have removed the % sign.
  • UOD and UOP – Updated IDSS UI Measure page for LCI/UCI use the same calculation as for other Admin rates, but also display after multiplying by 1000.


For general inquiries or training information related to the IDSS tool please submit a question to my.ncqa.

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