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6.23.2023 July 2023 PCMH Summary of Updates What changes were made to the PCMH Standards and Guidelines for Version 9?

TopicUpdate Highlights
Front Matter (Audit Section)Added “Evidence of implementation submitted for an audit, including reporting data, must be recent to the time of the audit.”
Front MatterAdded a section addressing conflicts with regulatory requirements. This applies to all Recognition products.
CM 04Added: “Note: After-visit summaries may only be used if they contain plain language and show patient involvement in the plan’s creation.

Also added, “The care plan is written at a health literacy level accessible to the patient (i.e., does not contain medical jargon, abbreviations/acronyms or billing codes).”

KM 09Removed “pronouns” and “language” in the guidance section as an example of “other aspects of health”.
KM 09Added a clarification about evidence, “Practices are to submit a report that is broken down by numerator/denominator and percentages for each category. For example, Black or African American = 400/1000 (40%); Asian = 300/1000 (30%), etc."
AC 01Added to the guidance: The key to this criterion is patient preference. Some examples of questions asked may include, but are not limited to:
• Our practice is considering extended hours to 7PM. What day of the week would you most prefer?
• Our practice offers same day appointments at 9AM each day. Does this time work for your same day needs? Yes/No with a follow-up question: If not, please identify a time that you prefer.
• If scheduled telehealth visits were offered, would you use them instead of an in-person office visit? (Y/N or Likert Scale). Can follow-up with options.
CM 11New criterion – Person-Driven Outcomes Approach: Monitoring and Follow-Up
QI 01 and 02Clarified that beginning in 2024, standardized measures must be used and reporting through the Measures Reporting Tile in Q-PASS.

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