Weekly Roundup: Health care news and notes

September 25, 2015 · NCQA


Every Friday NCQA gives a rundown of some of the health care news stories from the past week. Here are some of our picks for this week:

  • Big data being used to optimize post-acute care. [Modern Healthcare]
  • Total cigarette purchases from all stores dropped after CVS stopped its own cigarette sales. [CVS Health]
  • Half of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. [LA Times]
  • Doctors admit more to hospitals if they are owned by them, despite higher cost and lower quality. [Kaiser Health News]
  • Higher flu vaccination rates in young adults lower illness rates in among seniors. [Health Day]
  • Anesthesiologists are replacing 10-year board re-certification tests with weekly online quizzes. [Washington Post]
  • Oncology practice applies PCMH standards with impressive results. [AIS Health]
  • CMS is testing value-based insurance design for specific chronic conditions in Medicare advantage. [CMS]
  • The percentage of clinicians who would not recommend their Electronic Health Records grew from 24 to 51 percent from 2010 to 2014. [American EHR]
  • Halving the uninsured rate would cut uncontrolled diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension cases by 659 thousand. [Health Affairs]
  • Most medical schools now require courses in health care costs and value. [Kaiser Health News]
  • Diabetes rates rose from 10 percent in the early 1990s to now 14 percent but over one third of cases are not diagnosed. [Reuters]
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