Quality Talks: What Seven Observations Mean for 2016

February 3, 2016 · Matt Brock

Seven, short and sweet.

In the “Seven Observations” video below, we feature a quick snippet from several speakers at last year’s Quality Talks. A simple sound bite just doesn’t do them justice. I encourage you to look at all “The Talks” here. But if you’re short on time, these seven observations give you a quick look.

Rebecca Onie says health care providers should address patients’ social needs—food, shelter, safety—in addition to medical care. Provocative, huh? Thompson Aderinkomi says health care often fails patients—not just for clinical reasons, but for convenience. And Sachin H. Jain, MD says if you think you know your patients inside out, then you are upside down-make no assumptions.

Let’s go to the tape.


Now, Quality Talks 2016.

There will be new speakers. There will be new topics. You can bet that new stable of provocateurs and disruptors will make you think. Think about the quality of health care and how to improve it.

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