“Quality Matters” Podcast: NCQA Tips & Ideas Every 2 Weeks

June 14, 2024 · Andy Reynolds

Quality Matters, a new biweekly podcast series from NCQA, helps people who care about quality learn what they need to know, so they can help their organizations improve.

Quality is changing and becoming complex in new ways.

There’s a lot of information to know and apply if your health care organization wants to succeed:

  • Value-based care.
  • Digitalization of quality measurement.
  • The pressing need to improve in key areas of health equity and behavioral health.

The Quality Matters podcast is a resource for quality advocates, to help them learn on the go and find out what’s new, what’s next—and how they can get better at making health care better.

For Our Subscribers

NCQA staff curate each podcast episode to bring listeners:

  • Context, quickly. NCQA hosts summarize what the topic is, why it matters and how the ideas discussed can help listeners find, provide or pay for good care.
  • Insights from outside NCQA. We spotlight experts and thinkers who have a different take on quality and value. These are leaders making a difference today whom we think you’ll hear more about in the future.
  • Recommendations: Each episode features practical ideas for navigating today’s quality challenges today. You’ll also hear tips on how to grow your knowledge long term—including tools you might not find on Google.

Our approach is:

  • Guests and listeners are like you: busy health care professionals excited to share or learn something to help them hone their skills.
  • We emphasize conversation, not just Q&A. Our relaxed approach helps humanize technical subjects so even colleagues who are new to quality can connect to dense, divergent ideas.
  • We confront tough topics, without being confrontational. There are no easy solutions to issues we cover—only tough tradeoffs. Questions are “hard” because the topics are hard. Conversations are free ranging and constructive.

Good to Know

  • Our redesigned newsletter has the same name! If the name of our blog sounds familiar, that’s because it’s also the title of our biweekly newsletter. We’ve updated the newsletter’s look and feel, to be in line with our evolving online resources. Not a subscriber to the newsletter? Join more than 53,000 of your colleagues who subscribe.
  • Evergreen, earlier podcast episodes: Episodes of our podcast series that preceded Quality Matters are available.
  • Get access anywhere. The Quality Matters podcast is available on all major platforms. Get NCQA’s latest quality insights delivered directly to your ears, no matter what device you use.

Listen to Quality Matters.

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