Population Health Management Roadmap To Value-Based Care

December 17, 2019 · Jazmyne Carter

How do we get to value-based care? NCQA is leading the way.

Accountable Care Organizations and integrated delivery networks (IDN) want to deliver value-based care through population health management.

And we’re giving them a new tool to help make it happen.

Population Health Management Roadmap 

NCQA created the Population Health Management Roadmap in sponsorship with Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC.

The Population Health Management Roadmap is a practical guide for helping IDN’s and other provider organizations understand population health management in achieving value-based care. It is organized into 7 Milestones and each Milestone explains:

  • What is this milestone?
  • Why is this milestone important for moving to value-based care?
  • How does this milestone relate to population health management?

In short, the roadmap is here to help at every turn.

Executing Population Health Management

Through research and interviews with provider organizations, NCQA identified key activities for executing population health management on the road to value-based care.

The Population Health Management Roadmap:

  • Describes the structures and processes needed to transition to value-based payment models.
  • Provides key activities required to execute population health management.
  • Offers in-the-field examples and best-practice tools.


“With shifting accountability for quality and cost, we see the future of health care including a stronger collaboration across payers and providers as well as the emergence of new models of care that challenge the way we think about managing populations,” said Raena Akin-Deko, NCQA Assistant Vice President, Product Strategy and Development. “We are excited to provide this resource—it will help organizations incorporate approaches for successful population health management.”

The road to value-based care isn’t easy. Use this resource to help navigate your path. Download the guide today.


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