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March 12, 2018 · NCQA Communications

Population health is at the core of most of our work at NCQA. We know coordinating people’s health care is key to enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing costs. That is evident throughout our body of work from our recognition program for patient centered medical homes to our innovations in healthIT.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management Resource Guide

Population Health Management Resource Guide

Recently, NCQA announced a new Population Health Management (PHM) category for our 2018 Health Plan Accreditation (HPA). The PHM category is a shift from treating a patient for a single-disease toward considering all aspects of a person’s health care…a whole-person focus of care.  With the PHM Accreditation, health plans and other health care organizations prove their ability to provide whole-person care targeted to patients’ health needs throughout the care journey.

We spoke with NCQA’s Tricia Barrett, VP of Product Development earlier this year about NCQA’s work in population health management for our Inside Health Care Podcast. That episode is here.

Now NCQA is going even further to support population health management, developing a resource guide to help health plans achieve their population health goals.

Announcing Population Health Management Resource Guide

NCQA is collaborating with Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC (Janssen) to help broaden understanding and implementation of population health management (PHM).

With Janssen’s support, NCQA is developing the Population Health Management Resource Guide, a tool to support health plans in implementing the new category for HPA.

As the industry expert in quality, NCQA is developing this guide based on its PHM framework; it will also align with HPA standards. The guide is geared toward health plans and will include case studies demonstrating how to achieve PHM goals.

“With shifting accountability in the health care industry, we see the future of health care delivery as greater collaboration between the many diverse areas of health care,” said Patricia Barrett, NCQA Vice President, Product Design and Support. “We look forward to completing the PHM Resource Guide—it will help organizations incorporate consistent approaches for success, moving us all forward toward achieving population health.”

“We are proud to be invited by NCQA to support this effort to expand the understanding and utilization of population health management strategies. We at Janssen aspire to transform lives by bringing life-saving and life-changing solutions to people who need them. This calls for the best science, the most creative minds and an openness to collaborate with all the relevant stakeholders within the healthcare system,” said Dilesh Doshi, Head of Population Health Research. “In an effort to contribute to the Triple Aim goals of improving patient care and population health while reducing the per capita cost of health care, we are committed to finding evidence-based solutions to population health challenges.”

The guide will be produced in digital format and will include supplemental educational materials on NCQA’s PHM standards. Read more about the guide here.

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