Inside Health Care Episode #017: Madhyatu Taylor, Social Determinants and Health Equity

April 30, 2019 · NCQA Communications

It’s commonly assumed that people go into health care because they want to help others. They want everyone to get the care they need, when they need it most. In fact, don’t we all want that—especially when we are the patient? Unfortunately, this is not today’s reality, and discrepancies in care can depend largely on who you are.

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As Minority Health Month draws to a close, we’re talking with Madhyatu Taylor, of NCQA’s Quality Solutions Group. She is principal project manager for the Health Equity Innovation Incubator Project, a contract with the CMS Office of Minority Health.

Because much of her work revolves around health equity and culturally and linguistically appropriate services—CLAS—we know Madhi is the person who can give us a deeper dive into this topic.

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