Inside Health Care Episode #005: Susanne Madden, Patient-Centered Value

March 13, 2018 · Matt Brock

Look who stopped by to talk about the value of the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care.
Susanne Madden is founder and CEO of The Verden Group, a consulting firm founded to help practices navigate through the increasingly complex business of healthcare. Her career has spanned several sections of the healthcare industry. Prior to founding Verden, she was employed by UnitedHealthcare in the area of physician network management and spent several years as an independent healthcare consultant specializing in business development, revenue cycle remediation, vendor management and process improvement.

Formerly a pediatric practice administrator and surgical practice billing manager, she understands the many different challenges facing practices today. With an MBA in both Management Systems and Information & Communication Systems, she has applied her formal learning to understanding the principles of knowledge management and how information can be transformed into comprehension at all levels with the right facilitation.

Susanne writes frequently and speaks regularly on the business aspects of healthcare and is frequently quoted in industry and media publications.

For this episode of Inside Health Care, Susanne sits down with NCQA’s Matt Brock and demonstrates she is a true believer in the benefits of patient-centered care.

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