Peggy O’Kane: NCQA Founder, President, and Innovator. From the Think Medium HerStory Podcast

May 26, 2021 · Matt Brock

Founder and President Peggy O’Kane recently appeared on Think Medium’s HerStory Podcast, hosted by Dr. Sanjula Jain. The podcast features female leaders making bold strides to change the face of healthcare, and Peggy had an opportunity to share what drove her to found NCQA – and her vision for the future of healthcare quality.  

“We envision a digital future when practitioners are given the information they need to do the right thing the first time and everybody can succeed at quality. Practitioners are trying to do a good job and organizations are trying to do a good job,” said O’Kane. “Often it’s the lack of information at the point of care, or the lack of sophistication about how to engineer their processes. Our ultimate goals are to get everybody to a level of performance that’s terrific and where we get the return on the investment that we put into healthcare.” 

To listen to that interview, click the podcast player below! 

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