PCSP 2016 Public Comment

August 24, 2015 · NCQA

Public Comment Period Is August 24–September 18

NCQA seeks public feedback on proposed changes to its Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition (PCSP) program requirements. This is an opportunity for providers, practices, consumers and other stakeholders to advise NCQA on the evaluation of specialty practices.

Proposed changes address concerns about establishing agreements between specialty services, primary care and patients, information sharing among providers and the specialist’s role in providing care:

  • Replace requirements for formal/informal agreements. Current requirements focus on agreements that set expectations for communication and establish responsibility for patient care. We propose replacing these to allow greater flexibility in how specialists form relationships with primary care providers and organize to coordinate care.
  • Add a new element for “Connecting Self-Referred Patients With Primary Care.” Many specialists work with self-referred patients who are not connected to a primary care provider. This element assesses how specialty practices identify these patients, communicate the importance of coordinating with primary care and/or help patients connect to a primary care provider.
  • Refine expectations for providing reminders to patients for needed care. Reminders for evidence-based care are important to ensure that patients receive timely access to needed services. Updated requirements focus on care relevant to the specialist’s scope of service and the practice’s relationship with the patient.

“Our proposed changes to the PCSP recognition program respond to stakeholder concerns. These enhancements support relationship-building between the specialist and primary care provider, reduce redundancy and improve patient experience, ultimately resulting in better care overall,” says Patricia Barrett, NCQA’s Vice President of Product Development. “We welcome input to ensure that our recognition program remains dependable and helpful.”

How to Participate in Public Comment

To read and comment on the proposed changes, click here. The Public Comment period begins at 9 a.m. ET on August 24 and ends at 5 p.m. ET on September 18. NCQA will review input and release the final standards and guidelines for PCSP 2016 recognition in March 2016.

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