PCMH Congress: Off to Chicago!

October 6, 2016 · Matt Brock

Off to Chicago! It seems like the entire NCQA team is headed for the Windy City for the PCMH Congress.  You may be on your way too.  For those who really care about boosting the value of their investment in patient-centered care, this is the big event.  There will be dozens of presentations to share best practices, the latest research and the newest developments in payment reform. It’s also an opportunity to meet folks from around the country on the same patient-centered mission.

PCMH Congress on the Rise

As you may know, NCQA hosted the first PCMH Congress in San Francisco last year. More than 800 people attended. The Congress’ planners tell us even more will join us in Chicago—maybe 1000. 505949671_1280x720That’s understandable when you consider more and more practices across the nation are adopting the PCMH model of care. NCQA’s PCMH Recognition is chosen by more practices than any other—by far.  Even more, our Patient-Centered Specialty Program (PCSP) is the only model available to specialty practices. So, it makes sense that the PCMH Congress will grow and add features each year. (2017=Orlando!)

If You Can’t Make it to Chicago

Our big news this year… the entire NCQA communications team will be attending the conference. We think what’s happening at the congress is valuable for even those who are not in Chicago. So, we’re going to do all we can to keep you updated. You will want to keep an eye here on the NCQA blog. You’ll also want to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In pages for frequent updates. Nothing is like being there in person, but we’ll do our best give you the highlights.

We hope you’ll check it out. We hope you’ll respond to the blog and our social media with your comments, questions and requests for information. We also hope you’ll be encouraged to add next year’s PCMH Congress to your calendar.

We’re gearing up.

So for now, it’s off to Chicago!


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