New Partnership, New Opportunities in Population Health!

October 3, 2017 · NCQA Communications


New PartnershipNew Partnership


We love it when stars align and new partnerships form. That’s what makes us proud to announce that NCQA is now working with the Population Health Alliance (PHA). This means we will work together to promote high quality care for patients through well-constructed population health management strategies.

New Opportunities for Quality Strategies on Population Health

NCQA and PHA share a common goal: to improve health outcomes for individuals and populations. This partnership allows us to collectively focus on solutions that incorporate population health strategies in care delivery, the community and value-based payment models.

“Our shared goals mean we’ll work together to promote the triple aim; better health care quality, lower costs, and improved patient experience.” said NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane. “We look forward to working with PHA and putting a larger emphasis on population health.”

“It is imperative during this time of great change in healthcare that as industry leading organizations we continue to drive the focus on quality and value for the betterment of all consumers and the stakeholders that support them,” said Rose Maljanian CEO of HealthCAWS and Population Health Alliance Chairman of the Board. “We are most pleased to be working with NCQA to further this joint mission.”

NCQA and PHA will develop educational sessions and disseminate guidelines to promote population health and quality improvement and the importance of integrating population health management into care delivery.

Population Health Added to Health Plan Accreditation

NCQA recently added a Population Health Management (PHM) category in our Health Plan Accreditation 2018 update. The new PHM category recognizes the important role of data analytics for identifying population needs, targeting resources to the right individuals and evaluating the impact of their strategy. PHA will promote our accreditation to its members.

For more information on population health management, visit our web sites and stay tuned for details on our upcoming webinars.

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