Multi-Site Process Changes for PCMH and PCSP

December 17, 2015 · NCQA

Out with the old, in with the new! Multi-site practices now have an extended time period for submitting individual site surveys.

The multi-site survey process begins when organizations submit the corporate survey tool for review to NCQA. The previous survey process required organizations to submit all individual site surveys within 12 months of submitting the survey tool. Because generally not all surveys were submitted at once, each site could potentially have its own recognition period. Multi-site organizations had to track varying recognition end dates to ensure that each site’s recognition did not expire.

But when NCQA updated its PCMH 2014 and PCSP Recognition programs (released November 16), it also changed the overall survey process for multi-sites. The new process, already in effect, eliminates the 12-month time limit for submitting individual site surveys and gives all sites in the organization the same recognition end date, which is based on the first site’s recognition period. This will be extremely valuable when PCMH Redesign is implemented and will streamline the “sustaining” process, reduce the documentation burden and promote the concept that recognition is a journey, evolving over time.

Here’s an example: An organization submitted its first site survey and was awarded recognition on December 18, 2015. The end date of all sites in the organization is December 18, 2018. Sites will not have to submit a new corporate survey after the first 12 months.

When the redesign process is launched in 2017, recognized practices will be able to sustain recognition over time through annual submission of a specific set of data. No longer required to submit surveys after the first 12 months, organizations will now have the flexibility to apply for recognition any time within the first site’s 3-year recognition period.

Want more information? The PCMH 2014 and PCSP 2013 updated publications and the Interactive Survey System (ISS) can fill you in. And NCQA staff are updating multi-site materials on the NCQA Web site and in training sessions to highlight the new process. All resources will be updated in January 2016. You can also send questions through Policy Clarification Support at

You can also take a look at Dr. Michael Barr’s June 2015 blog post (expect another post in 2016!).

If your organization is in the process of submitting a multi-site survey, contact your Recognition Programs manager with questions.

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