Mental Health During a Pandemic

May 26, 2020 · Jazmyne Carter

Are you okay?

If not, we get it.

This pandemic doesn’t feel good. We’re social distancing to stay safe. But for some, social distancing makes it easier to slip into a bad head space.

This is our new normal. Behind closed door, alone with our thoughts.

Am I going to catch the virus? Will I still be employed? Do I have enough food? Our minds go 1000 miles an hour. And it’s okay to say, I need help.

Mental Health Awareness & COVID19

Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So, it’s worth some time to inventory our pandemic-influenced mental health before the month closes.

Are you worried about your health or your family’s health? Maybe you have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming, but you can cope with the right tools.

Helpful Resources

The CDC has resources that everyone can use.

For Everyone

For Communities

For Families and Children

For People at Higher Risk for Serious Illness

For First Responders

NCQA and Mental Health

One last thing. NCQA encourages providers and practices to look at our behavioral health HEDIS measures. It is important that mental health professionals deliver quality care.

Let’s not forget about mental health as we look for an end to the COVID-19 crisis. Mental health is as important as physical health.

We’ve cited some resources. Help us out. Share any additional resources in the comments .






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