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Inside Health Care #91:
Dr. Jason Spangler and the
True Meaning of Value

October 26, 2022 · David J. Smolar

Dr. Jason Spangler

Dr. Jason Spangler

In the health care world, we talk about “value-based care” in terms of putting patients first, listening to patients’ stories and giving thoughtful input. Sometimes we talk about “value-based payment models”—where providers and clinicians are encouraged to base their payment drivers on achieving positive patient outcomes rather than on a purely financial basis. But as we look to 2023, could it be time for a Reset…on the definition of “value”?

In this episode of Inside Health Care, we talk with Dr. Jason Spangler, CEO of the northern Virginia-based Innovation and Value Initiative, or I-V-I. As this nonprofit’s website says, they work “with patients, employers, payers, and providers to assess what value means to them, and to serve as a laboratory for testing new methods to improve value assessment.” Dr. Spangler’s career has alternated between “big pharma” and nonprofits. So what does he say is the difference between “value” of care and “quality” of care? And what are value spillover and the value flower?

Later in the episode, we give you more insight into our new Health Innovation Summit. We talk with Frank Micciche, NCQA’s Vice President for Public Policy & External Relations, who looks a bit toward next year’s Summit. After that, you’ll hear from Akena Better, our Director of Events & External Relations and the hub of information for all activity at the Summit. And in our “Fast Facts” segment, we look at immunization and the fight against polio.

Frank Micciche

Frank Micciche

Akena Better

Akena Better






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