Inside Health Care #88: Person-Centered Outcome Measures & Flipping the Paradigm

September 14, 2022 · David J. Smolar

NCQA President Peggy O’Kane

We begin this episode with a special appearance from NCQA President Peggy O’Kane, giving us exciting news about NCQA’s first annual, live, in person, 4-day Health Innovation Summit! Join us October 31-November 3, 2022, in Washington, DC. Go to to register.

For our featured interviews this week, we discuss NCQA’s Person-Centered Outcome Measures.

Imagine a clinician asking you what you feel, what you think might be wrong, and just…listening. And then the clinician says…what would you like to be able to do that you can’t do now? What are your goals? And what can I do to help you get there?

Person-Centered Outcome Measures have already begun to ask these questions and change the health care landscape.

On this episode of “Inside Health Care”, we take a deep dive into Person-Centered Outcome measures, a significant section of our HEDIS measures and what may be a revolutionary reorientation of the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

For more on this, we speak with three people involved with this important NCQA project. First up, we talk with NCQA Senior Research Scientist Dr. Caroline Blaum.

Dr. Caroline Blaum

NCQA Senior Research Scientist Dr. Caroline Blaum


Then we hear from Patient Partner Ireland Hawkins, a retired researcher and caregiver, now a patient herself with a patient’s perspective.

Ireland Hawkins

Patient Partner Ireland Hawkins


After that, we hear from Sherry Nolen, a Patient Partner with a very clear caregiver perspective.

Sherry Nolen

Patient Partner Sherry Nolen


For more information on Person-Centered Outcome Measures, please contact Dr. Caroline Blaum at

Later in the show, we observe September’s National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. NCQA has a number of HEDIS measures related to cancer and cancer screenings. Go to and search “cancer” for more information.

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