Inside Health Care #86: Dr. Bryan O. Buckley on the Innovative Road to Health Equity

August 18, 2022 · David J. Smolar

Dr. Bryan O. Buckley

NCQA stands at the forefront of the effort to identify and firmly resolve the issues of health inequity. Our Health Equity Accreditation Programs help the health care industry re-evaluate how to advance health equity for all. As part of our dedication to closing Equity gaps, NCQA continues to expand our team as we welcome Dr. Bryan O. Buckley as NCQA’s Director for Health Equity Initiatives.

In this new position, Dr. Buckley will support NCQA’s Health Equity strategy across multiple departments to better integrate health equity concepts into existing programs and projects. In addition to teaching at Georgetown University’s School of Medicine, Dr. Buckley is on the board of the American Heart Association and an active member of the American Public Health Association. Dr. Buckley earned his Doctorate in Public Health from the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University, the first Black male to graduate from that program.

We follow this interview with some fast facts on whether vaccination rates among various populations give further indications of gaps in Health Equity in the U.S. Click here for more on NCQA’s HEDIS measures on Adult and Child Immunization Status. And for more about this fall’s inaugural NCQA Health Innovation Summit, go to to register, sponsor, and plan your visit.

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