Inside Health Care #85: Danny Cawood and the Struggle for Simple Communication

August 3, 2022 · David J. Smolar

This episode of Inside Health Care begins with a look at interoperability: the hopeful goal of getting health information systems – and providers – to share data efficiently and effectively. As patients journey from primary doctors to specialists, sometimes from one hospital system to another, all the caregivers have to keep track of what the other ones have already examined, diagnosed, prescribed, and ordered.

Danny Cawood

Danny Cawood, a Product Manager who oversees the product development for MCG Health’s interoperability solutions, joins us here to tell us exactly what’s wrong with health care today…and maybe how to solve it. Before joining MCG, Danny was a Product Owner for R&D solutions with Optum Technology. That’s where he focused on using advanced technologies to solve operational, clinical, and business problems, ranging from chronic care management to benefit administration and beyond. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota.

Paige Cooke


Then we get the inside scoop from NCQA’s Director for State Affairs, Paige Cooke. With over 10 years here, including work in customer engagement and business development, Paige also holds degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Healthcare Communications. She joined us to tell us what the State Affairs team is up to – and what’s on the horizon.

After that, our Matt’s Facts segment examines U.S. hospital capacity with help from the American Hospital Association.


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