Inside Health Care #105: Dr. Pippa Shulman and the Growth of Hospital at Home

May 10, 2023 · David J. Smolar

On this episode of Inside Health Care, we interview a pioneering speaker and a featured presenter at NCQA’s 2023 Quality Talks event.

Dr. Pippa ShulmanWe first interviewed Dr. Pippa Shulman back in episode 76, which dropped in April 2022. Since then, Dr. Shulman’s seen the growth and expansion of her business, Medically Home, the world’s first virtual hospital. Medically Home is a tech-enabled services company, providing all the necessary capabilities to safely shift medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes. Dr. Shulman is board certified in family medicine, preventive medicine, and hospice and palliative medicine. Dr. Shulman and her company were described in a January 2023 New York Times article titled “Your Next Hospital Bed Might Be at Home.”

Later in the show, we’ll hear some fast facts regarding Stroke Awareness Month, including warning signs from the CDC and info about NCQA’s Heart/Stroke Recognition Program (HSRP).

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