HEDIS 2020 Resources: Pointing to HEDIS’ Future

June 14, 2019 · Matt Brock


Are you ready to work with HEDIS® 2020?

As usual, we have resources. And some new, exciting options that we think point to the future of quality measurement.

HEDIS 2020 Volume 2: Technical Specifications for Health Plans

You know this is THE resource for anyone involved in collecting, calculating or submitting HEDIS data.

Volume 2 includes technical specifications for each measure as well as general guidelines for data collection and reporting, detailed instructions about how to perform the necessary calculations and guidelines for sampling.


When you get Volume 2, you’ll notice the new “Rules for Allowable Adjustments of HEDIS” on a measure-by-measure basis.

That’s right, HEDIS will now come with some flexibility.

The new rules can help you adapt HEDIS measures for different purposes, including closing care gaps at different levels of the health care system. Our experts studied and approved this change. They’re convinced it gives you room to evaluate alternate populations without changing measures’ clinical intent.

We’ve also added third-party codes that can be used for both HEDIS measure results and results stemming from adjusted measure specifications. This set of codes, HEDIS 2020 VSD, is available for purchase with HEDIS 2020 Volume 2.

We expect HEDIS Volume 2 publication in July, but you want to make sure you are among the first to see it. So, consider the links below to preorder HEDIS Volume 2 in electronic or hard copy formats.

HEDIS 2020 Digital Measures Bundle for ECDS Reporting

We also have a new Digital Measures bundle for ECDS. This bundle includes 11 HEDIS Electronic Clinical Data System (ECDS) digital measures. Along with the usual written technical documentation, we provide machine-readable files necessary for implementation. These digital measures offer new levels of ease, accuracy and usability.

We also include a single-user epub version of HEDIS 2020 Volume 2: Technical Specifications for Health Plans.  Reserve your copy by following this aptly named link: HEDIS® 2020 Digital Measures Bundle for ECDS Reporting.

HEDIS 2020 Digital Measures Bundle for ECDS and Traditional Reporting Bundle

This bundle includes the digital versions of the aforementioned 11 ECDS measures for HEDIS 2020 and digital versions of another 8 measures, written as machine-readable code and ready for HEDIS 2020 reporting. It also comes with a single-user epub of HEDIS 2020 Volume 2: Technical Specifications for Health Plans.

Release of the 11 ECDS measures is anticipated in early July; the additional 8 measures for traditional reporting will be released in September. But preorder now: HEDIS 2020 Digital Measures Bundle for ECDS and Traditional Reporting

These new options extend HEDIS’ role as a key driver of  health care quality. They also point to HEDIS’ future of easier data collection, more accurate measurement and more timely results.

We’ve built a page to help you compare your options. If you have questions, do call NCQA Customer Support at 888-275-7585.

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