Health Datapalooza: Our Quality Recommendation

April 27, 2016 · Matt Brock

Datapalooza: A Quality Talks Prologue

So if you are at all a regular reader of the NCQA Blog, you are aware that we are gearing up for Quality Talks in the fall. We’ve recruited an exciting, engaging and inspiring group of speakers to appear at the Ronald Reagan International Center this October 24th.

It does seem like a long time to wait.

So, how about a prologue of sorts? Our friends at AcademyHealth are hosting the 7th Annual Health Datapalooza at the Grand Hyatt here in Washington in just a couple of weeks—May 8 to 11. They’ve also recruited a wide range of speakers to energize the health care community—specifically those who deal with data in health care. (Don’t we all?)

If the course description is accurate–and we expect that it is–there’s one session that may be of particular interest in the quality arena.

I like the title: Slurp, Scrub, Push and Scale: Enhancing the Lifecycle of Electronic Health Data. It’s a panel discussion with some pretty impressive folks on the panel.

They’ll talk about the significant challenges health care organizations face in digesting and managing seemingly ever-expanding data sets derived from a growing variety of sources. Among other things, the panel will discuss making sure data is accurate and that it is used to drive and improve quality measurement. (As you know, we like that discussion at NCQA.)

Panel members include:



You can register for Health Datapalooza here. The AcademyHealth team offers on-site seats and web streaming if it’s too late to nail down a flight. If you are in town, it worth seeing all this in person. It is an opportunity to meet hundreds working in health care data and to hear some “disrupting” ideas about data and quality improvement.


If you can’t wait—if you need a Quality Improvement “pick me up” immediately, you could check out a video from one of last year’s Quality Talks. How about the doctor who provides primary care to the Silicon Valley and has some of his own ideas about technology in health care?  I give you Dr. Tom Lee.



Now, that should hold you over. Don’t get in this pinch again. Reserve your Datapalooza seat.  Then make sure to register for QualityTalks 2016. Seats are going fast.

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