Convert Your Practice to the Latest PCMH Standards

July 28, 2015 · NCQA

Are you a PCMH 2011 Level 3 recognized practice with more than 12 months left on your recognition? Do you want to move to PCMH 2014 standards, but not submit a full survey? Does your state offer higher incentives for meeting PCMH 2014 requirements?

Consider converting to PCMH 2014.

Conversion gives practices the opportunity to move to the PCMH 2014 standards during their current recognition period without submitting a full survey—an attractive option for practices in states that provide higher incentives for PCMH 2014 recognition.

Converting to PCMH 2014 during the recognition period offers a streamlined process to practices:

  • Submit documentation for 6 elements, rather than the usual 27.
  • Pay half the price of the regular survey fee.

In addition, earning recognition under the more rigorous 2014 standards means practices can receive incentive payments sooner.

Converting does not extend the recognition period and is meant for practices with significant time left on their recognition (at least 12 months when the conversion Survey Tool is submitted). Practices that want a new three-year recognition must pursue a renewal recognition—but there are advantages to renewing for level 2 or level 3 recognized practices.

More information on conversion and streamlined renewal requirements for PCMH 2014.

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