Automatic Credit Available for PCSP-PCMH 2014 Practices

July 28, 2015 · NCQA

Practices with both primary care and specialty clinicians know how to work together to provide a care setting focused on patients. Now they can be acknowledged for their teamwork: NCQA offers automatic credit toward Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) recognition for recognized PCMH practices. Practices can be recognized for each type of care they provide. Practices with PCMH Level 2 or Level 3 recognition can use automatic credit for select elements in PCMH to help streamline the PCSP recognition process.

To earn automatic credit, PCMH and PCSP practices/clinicians in the same practice must:

  • Share the same electronic systems.
  • Use the same policies and procedures or documented processes.
  • Complete the full survey.
  • Apply for automatic credit within the three-year recognition period (but not in the last three months of recognition).

Automatic credit makes it easier for practices to earn both recognitions and provides abundant evidence to patients that the practice where they receive care consistently works toward improving its systems and care.

Find more information regarding PCSP automatic credit here.

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