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Reviewers are asked to submit comments in writing via the NCQA public comment website by 11:59pm (ET), XXXX XX, 20XX.

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Comment Submission Instructions

About Public Comment

The public comment system is integrated with NCQA’s single-sign on platform. If you have access to any of the systems listed below, you can use the same credentials to log in and submit comments:

  • Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS).
  • Health Organization Questionnaire (HOQ).
  • Download Center.
  • Recognition Program Online Application.
  • Quality Compass (QC).

Note: If you use the Forgot Password feature, you will change your password for all NCQA systems to which you have access.

If you don’t have access to any system listed, click Create Account and complete the entire form. Retain the password for your records.

How to Comment

Submit all comments through NCQA’s public comment website. NCQA does not accept comments via mail, email or fax
  1. 1. Go to My NCQA and enter your email address and password.
  2. Once logged in, click to select Public Comments.
  3. Click Add Comment.
  4. Click to select one or more of the following from the drop-down box:
    1. XXXXXXX
    2. XXXXX
    3. XXXXXX
    4. XXXXXXX
    5. XXXXXX
  5. Click to select the Topic and Element (measure) on which you want to comment.
  6. Click to select your support option (e.g., Support, Do not support, Support with modifications).
    1. If you choose Do not support, include your rationale in the text box.
    2. If you choose Support with modifications, enter the suggested modification in the text box.
  7. Enter your comments in the Comments box.
    Note: Comments may not be more than 2,500 characters. Feedback should be brief and to the point. We suggest you develop comments in Word to check your character limit and save a copy for reference. Use the “cut and paste” function to copy your comment into the Comments box.
  8. Click Submit after each comment. After you have submitted all comments, click Close. You will be able to view and download all submitted comments.

All comments are due XXX XX, 20XX, by 11:59 PM ET.


Contact NCQA Customer Support at 888-275-7585, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (ET).


HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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