Digital Quality Summit

The Digital Quality Summit, hosted by NCQA and HL7 on November 1-2 brought together key players in the health IT field and demonstrated emerging technology standards for quality reporting. The Summit participants discussed topics such as, health data interoperability Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard, Clinical Quality Language (CQL), and clinical decision support (CDS) and demonstrated how these technologies are changing the way quality is assessed.


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Charles Jaffe (HL7)

Opening Plenary


John Fleming, HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health IT

Breakout Sessions

Interoperability Use Cases: Perspectives for Policymakers

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  Track Leads:
1) Julia Skapik (Cognitive Medical Systems)
2) Anne Smith (NCQA)

Implementation in Systems


Track Leads:
1) Bob Dieterle (EnableCare)
2) Gowtham Rao (BCBS SC)

Decision Support and Quality Improvement

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Track Leads:
1) Bryn Rhodes (HarmonIQ)
2) Jeff Eastman (MiHIN)


Reimagining How Quality Measures Matter in a Digital World

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Shahid Shah (AHIP)

Quality Measurement 2.0: Patient Centric Clinical Quality Measures


David Kendrick (MyHealth)

What is Next: Health IT will Support Quality Improvement

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Peter Basch (Medstar)


Panel –Advancing to Population Health Improvement

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Ross Martin (CRISP)

1. Lori Harrington (Premier)
2. Floyd Eisenberg (ESAC)
3. Lisa Anderson (TJC) Jesse James (Evolent)

Panel – Data Quality, Quality Measurement and Value-Based Care: How do the Pieces Fit together?

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Thomson Kuhn (ACP)

1. John D’Amore (Diameter)
2. James Kirkwood (NY DOH)
3. David Kendrick (MyHealth)
4. Ryan Howells (Leavitt Partners)
5. Sue Feldman (UAB)

Town Hall– Moving Forward with Digital Quality Measurement and Lessons Learned

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Michael Barr/Track Leads