Person-Centered Outcome Measures: Measuring What Matters Most

There is broad agreement that individuals’ priorities and health goals should guide their care. However, existing quality measures do not effectively evaluate what is most important to individuals, particularly older adults with multiple chronic conditions, serious illness or frailty. The person-centered outcomes measures overcome the limitations of existing outcome measures by individualizing measurement based on what people identify as most important and have the potential to fill a critical gap in the current system of value-based payment. NCQA has successfully implemented the PCO measures in over 30 practices, with over 300 providers and more than 5,500 individuals. In this webinar, we will examine the person-centered outcome measures and the value that they can offer to healthcare purchasers and payers, health care delivery systems, policymakers, individuals, and communities. Our speakers will discuss the implementation of the person-centered outcome measures in clinical practice, including within community behavioral health care settings, and the importance of incorporating the patient voice into quality measurement. We will highlight new resources available to train health care professionals on how to have a values discussion to identify what matters most to an individual and translate what matters most into a SMART goal that can be measured and tracked overtime.

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