Delivery System Reform

Many efforts are underway to deliver higher quality health care at lower costs.

Patient Centered Medical Home

NCQA is at the forefront of these efforts with rigorous programs to make sure these delivery system reforms protect consumers and deliver results. NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Program helps to transform primary care into what patients like you want it to be. That includes:
  • Enhanced access to care through expanded hours, online communication and long-term partnerships with clinicians, instead of a disconnected series of sporadic, hurried visits.
  • Clinician-led teams coordinate care, especially for prevention and chronic conditions, as well as with other clinicians and community supports.
  • You make shared decisions with your providers for more informed choices and better results.

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Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition

NCQA is building on the PCMH success to improve care coordination with specialist physicians. Our new Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition Program launched in March of 2013 to address gaps in quality that occur because of poor coordination between primary and specialty providers.

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Accountable Care Organization Accreditation

NCQA expands that model to the entire health care system, including your specialists, hospitals and more with our Accountable Care Organization Accreditation Program.

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Integrating Care for People with Both Medicare and Medicaid

NCQA is working to develop better measurements and quality improvement tools specifically for the “dual eligible” population that has coverage in both Medicare and Medicaid.

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Multicultural Health Care Distinction 

NCQA also helps providers communicate with you and respect your values through our Multicultural Health Care Distinction Program.