Certification Review and Examination Schedule

The next CHCA exam review and session will be held on Monday, January 8 and Tuesday, January 9 at the NCQA Washington, DC office.

Overview of Certification Review and Examination: On day one, NCQA conducts a review of the HEDIS Compliance Audit program and methodologies. The agenda of the review includes: program overview, examination structure and strategies, audit preparation, audit methodologies for information systems and HEDIS determination, audit reporting, and ethical standards. On the morning of the second day, the Certification Examination is administered. The exam consists of both conceptual and applied questions on HEDIS compliance audits. The total time of the examination is four hours.

Fee: The combined fee for the Application, Certification Review Session, Examination, HEDIS manuals, and Two-year Certification Fee is $6,000. A participant is allowed two opportunities to participate in the Certification Review and Examination before the $6,000 is forfeited.

Certification: Upon receiving a passing score on the Certification Examination, the participant receives the designation of Certified HEDIS Compliance Auditor (CHCA). The certification is valid for two years, upon agreement with all contractual requirements for maintaining certification. At the end of the two-year period, a certified auditor can renew certification following NCQA approval and a re-certification fee of $4,000.

Please submit any questions into our Policy Clarification Support (PCS) system http://my.ncqa.org. Questions should be submitted to 'HEDIS Audit' in the Product/Program Type drop-down box.

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