CAHPS 5.0H Survey

NCQA’s Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is the premier tool for monitoring the quality of care in health plans. HEDIS Volume 3: Specifications for Survey Measures, includes surveys and protocols for the CAHPS 5.0H Survey. To review the survey and NCQA’s required CAHPS 5.0H methodology, click here.

The CAHPS 5.0H surveys are designed to capture accurate and reliable information from consumers about their experiences with health care. There are four versions that can be administered to adults and children in commercial and Medicaid plans. The surveys include a core set of questions, with some questions grouped to form composites, or summary results, of key areas of care and service. Health plans report survey results as part of HEDIS data collection. NCQA uses survey results in health plan performance reports, to inform accreditation decisions and to create national benchmarks for care. Health plans might also collect HEDIS survey data for internal quality improvement purposes. Each year, approximately 500 health plans report CAHPS 5.0H survey results.

Click here for more information on HEDIS and Performance Measurement.

Survey Vendor Certification Process

To become an NCQA-certified CAHPS 5.0H survey vendor, an organization must demonstrate that it has the capabilities, experience and expert personnel to accurately collect and report survey results.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is posted on the NCQA website during the summer each year. Interested organizations are given three weeks to respond.

Note: The RFP for HEDIS CAHPS 2019 is not yet available. Click here to view the 2018 RFP.

Survey Vendor Training

NCQA requires that all survey vendors participate in annual Survey Vendor Training via WebEx. The project director and at least one other representative are required to attend Survey Vendor Training.

Survey Vendor Training includes the following:

  • HEDIS survey sampling and data collection protocols, as described in HEDIS Volume 3
  • NCQA Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
  • Submission of survey data to NCQA
  • Calculation of survey results

Upon successful completion of the training, CAHPS 5.0H survey vendors are certified to collect and report CAHPS 5.0H data for one year. The names and contact information of certified survey vendors are updated on NCQA’s Web site annually. Independent of NCQA, CAHPS 5.0H survey vendors enter into contracts with health plans and other survey sponsors, including states. Click here for the current list of certified CAHPS 5.0H survey vendors.

NCQA expects strict adherence to its procedures and protocols. Any deviation from or enhancement to the protocols must have prior written consent from NCQA.

Survey Vendor Oversight

Throughout survey administration, NCQA staff monitors each survey vendor’s work by:

  • Reviewing all printed materials, survey vendor QAPs and interim reports
  • Conducting site visits
  • Monitoring telephone interviews and toll-free customer support numbers
  • Providing ongoing technical support to survey vendors.

CAHPS 5.0H Questionnaires

There are currently four CAHPS 5.0H questionnaires for health plans, covering HMO, POS and PPO products:

  1. CAHPS Health Plan Survey 5.0H Adult Version, Commercial
  2. CAHPS Health Plan Survey 5.0H Adult Version, Medicaid
  3. CAHPS Health Plan Survey 5.0H Child Version, Children With Chronic Conditions (Commercial and Medicaid)
  4. CAHPS Health Plan Survey 5.0H Child Version, Children Without Chronic Conditions (Commercial and Medicaid)

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For more information on CAHPS 5.0H, please contact the NCQA HEDIS CAHPS team by e-mail at

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