RWE, dQMs & the Virtuous Circle of the LHS: The Intersection of Digital Standards

The Intersection of Digital Standards:

How BPM+ can orchestrate CQL-FHIR artifacts to produce meaningful measures.

Conjoined session with T2

Standards Intersect: Complementary and Synergistic Standards-based Initiatives to Facilitate a Continuous QIL and the Virtuous LHS

Traditional quality measure specifications have been digitally expressed using FHIR and CQL. But NextGen measurement concepts require a more nuanced reasoning model to enable standard representation of complex clinical decision pathways that will align quality measure specifications with clinical decision support. An expert panel with extensive implementation experience will discuss a quality use case for reusing data, inferences, and computable knowledge for clinically related subjects (e.g., conditions, interventions, etc.). The debate will be focused on the strengths, challenges, and alignment of BPM+ and the FHIR® Clinical Reasoning Module. The session will discuss further opportunities to strengthen these standards through collaboration.