Health Informatics and Intersectionality: Technology Solutions

Enabling Health Equity through Technology and Enterprise Growth: Going beyond “screen and connect” strategies

How do we assess the effectiveness of the digital health solutions we are activating for patients? How do we balance the need to reach our patients with the push for privacy, standardization, and interoperability? We see emerging trends in technology, but the market is saturated. The technology needs to be fully embedded in the care team’s workflow. For specific populations this may mean engaging families and caregivers. During this session you will hear from organizations who are leveraging technology to meet the needs of underserved populations while prioritizing provider adoption.

· During this session, participants will:

· Expand their understanding of the strengths and limitations of technological solutions.

· Examine the term “appropriate access” and what it looks like from multiple perspectives.

· Review emerging technology and functionality, to encourage patient and provider empowerment.

· Identify the technology that will improve digital literacy and reduce disparity.

· Review examples of technology solutions.