Health Informatics and Intersectionality: Health Equity

Clinical, Community and Advocacy Stakeholders Committed to Action: Tactics to raise awareness, strengthen leadership, to improve health outcomes for underserved populations while integrating cultural congruence and data strategies.

How do you prioritize strategies to advance health equity? Health care is experiencing a crisis where underserved populations are not being asked what they need and a lack of voice from the community regarding their needs and preferences. Many organizations are doing good work but it’s not penetrating the communities they want to serve. During this session we’ll examine how organizations are looking to connect to underserved communities and how to design solutions that provide whole-person care.

During this session, participants will:

Identify the factors that contribute to the idea of the “whole person”.
Assess new tools and techniques effectively engaging individuals, families, and communities.
Compare and contrast the issues surrounding specific clinical protocols like colorectal or breast cancer screening that engage the community.