David Nash, MD, MBA – Quality Talks 2020 Q&A

For David Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, the coronavirus crisis shines new light on population health.


The importance of data and proper management of chronic conditions are just two tenets of quality care that Nash teaches his proteges. Today, policy makers and the public are learning in real time why these principles of population health matter.


Nash encourages us to think ahead: What will health care workers’ mental health be like in six months? What will providers need to know about resilience, succession planning and helping healers become leaders? And what role should telemedicine and precision medicine play, post-COVID?


An early innovator in online and hybrid learning at Jefferson, Nash is a natural go-to for knowledge and inspiration online. Given his skill as a communicator and his command of his subject, Nash is someone you’ll definitely want to hear at this special “quarantined” edition of Quality Talks.