A Safe Return to In-Person Schooling: An Urgent Call to Action for Health Plans to Close the Adolescent Vaccination Care Gap

This webinar was convened by NCQA in partnership with CDC, the American Cancer Society, and the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable. It was made possible by the generous support of Holon Solutions.


As of February 14th, overall Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider orders (other than flu) are down by almost 10.9 million doses with MMR/MMRV down by 1.4 million doses.


Overall adolescent vaccination orders are down 17-22% due to the pandemic impacts in 2020. It is crucial that we ramp up adolescent vaccination earlier than usual in 2021 to catch up and ensure a safe return to in-person schooling.


On International HPV Awareness Day (March 4), we discussed the urgent need to vaccinate school-age children, especially adolescents, for a safe return to in-person school.


Slides from the webinar are available here.