FAQ Directory: Long-Term Services and Supports Distinction for Health Plans

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8.24.2018 Where can I find the Medicaid Module Standards and Guidelines? How can I obtain the Medicaid Module Standards and Guidelines?

8.24.2018 Where can I find the LTSS Distinction Standards and Guidelines?

8.24.2018 What is the price for Health Plan Accreditation?

Pricing is based on multiple factors. Obtain full pricing information by submitting a request through My NCQA.

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8.24.2018 What is Long-term Services and Supports Distinction for Health Plans?

NCQA LTSS Distinction for Health Plans is a complementary program designed to support health plans coordinating LTSS. The program standards provide a framework for organizations to deliver efficient, effective person-centered care that meets people’s needs, helps keep people in their preferred setting and aligns with state requirements.

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8.24.2018 How long does it take to earn Health Plan Accreditation?

The typical evaluation time frame is 12 months from application submission to decision, depending on an organization’s readiness. Some organizations may already be working within NCQA guidelines.

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8.24.2018 How do I get started with LTSS Distinction for Health Plans?

If you are not currently accredited and want to learn more, contact NCQA. If you are currently accredited and want to talk to someone about your status or about renewing or adding accreditations, submit a question through My NCQA.

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8.24.2018 What is the process for earning Health Plan Accreditation?

The first step to earning accreditation is a discussion with an NCQA program expert. Purchase and review the program resources, conduct a gap analysis and submit your online application.

Align your organization’s processes with the standards. NCQA conducts the survey and determines your accreditation status within 30 days of the final review.

See a step-by-step process.

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8.24.2018 What organizations are eligible for Health Plan Accreditation?

Any organization that provides managed health care services may apply for the NCQA Health Plan Accreditation if it meets the following criteria:

  • Operates under an insurance license (e.g., HMO, POS, PPO, EPO), and
  • Issues a contract for insurance for a defined population or contracts with an employer to provide managed care services for a self-insured population, and
  • Provides services through an organized delivery system that includes ambulatory and inpatient health care sites, and
  • Performs functions addressed in the standards (quality improvement, care coordination, utilization management, credentialing, member rights and responsibilities), either directly or through a service agreement, and
  • Has a process for monitoring, evaluating and improving the quality and safety of care provided to its members, and
  • Reports audited HEDIS results for designated HEDIS measures and CAHPS ratings and composites, as required for the selected Evaluation Option.

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8.24.2018 What organizations are eligible for the LTSS Distinction for Health Plans? What organizations are eligible?

An organization is eligible for the NCQA LTSS Distinction for a product/product line if:

  • The product/product line has a current NCQA Accreditation status, or
  • The product/product line is seeking NCQA Health Plan Accreditation.

Note:  NCQA conducts LTSS Distinction Surveys at the legal-entity level. Organizations undergoing Interim Survey are not eligible for LTSS distinction.

Health plans that coordinate LTSS and do not provide medical or behavioral services are not eligible for this distinction but can earn Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS.

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8.24.2018 Are there additional resources for health plans seeking LTSS Distinction?

  • LTSS Best Practices Academy: Interactive forum for professionals to discuss strategies for coordinating quality long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs.
  • LTSS Roadmap: A compilation of resources to guide organizations through meeting Case Management and Health Plan Standards for LTSS.

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8.24.2018 Where can I find the Health Plan Accreditation Standards and Guidelines?

8.24.2018 What are Health Plan Accreditation requirements?

NCQA standards are a roadmap for improvement—organizations use them to perform a gap analysis and align improvement activities with areas that are most important to states and employers, such as network adequacy and consumer protection. Standards help plans in:

  • Quality Management and Improvement.
  • Population Health Management.
  • Network Management.
  • Utilization Management.
  • Credentialing and Recredentialing.
  • Members’ Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Member Connections.
  • Medicaid Benefits and Services.

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