Patient-Centered Connected Care: Process

Learn It

  1. Purchase Standards & Guidelines

    The standards and guidelines details what is required to earn Recognition.

    Purchase the standards and guidelines through the NCQA Store.

  2. Order Online Application

    The application is where you provide basic site information. 

    You also sign program agreements and submit information for the eligibility check.You can order an online application here.


Earn It

  1. Online Eligibility Check

    The eligibility check is in the application and starts the recognition process.

    A series of questions about how your site operates determines the number of eligible entities and the number of survey tools required. After you answer these questions, NCQA will
    schedule a kick-off call to review your organization’s recognition process.

  2. Kick-Off Call & Schedule Survey

    Your submission of the eligibility check will result in a call with NCQA. At this stage, you will be assigned a point-of-contact at NCQA who can answer questions about the application or the survey and help you with general questions about the standards and guidelines. In addition, you may need to answer additional questions about your organization’s structure to confirm the number of eligible entities and survey tools required.

  3. Submit Application & Pay Survey Fee

    Submit the final application, the site information worksheet, the signed program agreement and the Business Associate Agreement at least 10 days before your survey date.

    You will also pay your survey fee at this time.

  4. Purchase ISS Tool

    Use the survey tool to submit documentation during the recognition process.

    Multiple sites with different systems or policies and procedures may need more than one survey tool.

  5. Submit Survey

    Use the online survey tool to submit the completed survey and documentation.

  6. Onsite Survey

    Onsite surveys are conducted following the documentation review within 4 weeks after you submit the survey.

  7. Earn Recognition

    Within 60 days after the survey, learn whether you are the newest NCQA-Recognized PCCC site!

Keep It

  1. Renew Your Recognition

    Don’t let your recognition lapse! Recognition lasts 3 years, but you should start the renewal process at least 6 months before it expires.

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