Heart/Stroke Recognition Program: Pricing


NCQA’s Heart/Stroke Recognition Program pricing is based on the price of 1 Data Collection Tool (DCT) license, and the number of clinicians seeking recognition in a clinician group. Fees apply to each clinician associated with the practice’s recognition.

The DCT license ($80 each), provides the materials needed to apply for recognition including the NCQA Heart/Stroke Recognition Requirements, program agreements and Web-based DCT.

Pricing: Full Application Fee Schedule

The fee schedules apply to a clinician group. A clinician group refers to all clinicians in a one practice site, group of practices or practice sites (e.g., IPA, PHO, etc.) in a legal agreement together, or staff model network where clinicians are employed, or a corporate entity that owns clinician practices.

Number of CliniciansFull Application Fees
1 $550
2 $1,100
3 $1,650
4 $2,200
5 $2,750
6-100 $3,300 (Capped Fee for 6-100 clinicians)
>100 $10.00 ($10 Surcharge for each clinician >100)

Pricing: Discounted Application Fee Schedule

NCQA offers a discounted fee schedule (20%) to sponsored clinicians and clinician groups as shown below. Sponsors are organizations that promote the recognition programs to clinician groups. Examples of sponsors include coalitions like Bridges to Excellence, health plans, associations, state and federal initiatives. The discounted schedule does not apply to multi-site or multi-program applications.

Number of CliniciansDiscounted Application Fees
1 $440
2 $880
3 $1,320
4 $1,760
5 $2,200
6 $2,640
7 $3,080
8-100 $3,300 (Capped Fee for 8-100 clinicians)
>100 $10.00 ($10 Surcharge for each clinician>100)

Pricing Guidelines

  • A clinician group with more than one practice site location may purchase one (1) DCT license for data submission for all of its practice sites for all associated clinicians, provided each practice site can be bound by the same Business Associate Agreement (BAA). If the organization would require a separate BAA for each practice site, additional DCT licenses must be purchased for each practice site requiring a separate BAA. this word is missing at the end of the sentence.
  • A clinician group may submit DCTs for different locations at different times; however, adding additional clinicians to a particular practice site that has already submitted for recognition requires completion of an additional DCT. The application fee due for the additional clinicians are based upon the number of clinicians submitting for recognition at that time. this word is missing at the end of the sentence.

Pricing: Capped Fees & Refunds

  • Capped Fees. The capped fee must be paid in full at the time of the first submission(s). A clinician group has twelve (12) months from receipt of the capped fee payment by NCQA to complete the submission process for all clinicians. After that year ends, the applicant must start over with the sliding fee schedule in effect at that time. If the number of clinicians exceeds 100 during the 12-month period, the surcharge is applied. this word is missing at the end of the sentence.

Pricing is subject to change. Since agreements can be completed at any time prior to submitting a DCT, the most current fee schedule applies at the time of submission. DCT license and application fees are nonrefundable.

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