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9.15.2022 Quality Compass Data Comparison Across All Product Lines Is there a way to compare the data across product lines?

Currently each license is separated and there is no way to compare Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare in the same license. However, with the Data Exporter function, you will be able to pull reports in Microsoft Excel and that can make data comparison easier.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass HEDIS Benchmark Percentiles: Payers and Patient Ages Do the Quality Compass products have the HEDIS benchmark percentiles across all payers and patient ages?

Only the measures whose results were eligible for public reporting are included in Quality Compass. Additionally, certain HEDIS measures are specific to certain product lines and do not have data across all product lines. Specific age and gender stratifications are only applicable to specific measures.


9.15.2022 Publicly Reported Plans in Quality Compass How do I know what plans publicly reported data to NCQA? How do I know what measures will be reported in Quality Compass?

To obtain a list of health plan submissions and/or measures publicly reported in Quality Compass for a specific reporting year, contact the Information Products team by submitting your question on my.ncqa.org.
Quality Compass contains HEDIS and CAHPS measures that were eligible for publicly reporting during the measurement year. First year HEDIS measure results are not publicly reported in the tool.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Appearance Prior to Purchasing How can I see what Quality Compass looks like prior to purchase?

You can experience Quality Compass’ functionality by watching the demo videos available on the Quality Compass webpage (https://www.ncqa.org/programs/data-and-information-technology/data-purchase-and-licensing/quality-compass/). The demo videos walks viewers through some of the key features of Quality Compass as well as how to navigate the tool.

You can also request a walk-through live demo from the Information Products team. Please submit your request through your my.NCQA.org account or contact NCQA’s Customer Support team.


9.15.2022 Purchase Order Number Will NCQA accept a purchase order number?

Purchase order numbers may be included for payment and tracking purposes; however, NCQA does not accept additional terms and conditions outside the executed legal agreement. Any and all purchase order terms and conditions have no legal effect and the license is governed solely by the terms of the executed agreement between your entity and NCQA.


9.15.2022 Difference Between HPR and Quality Compass How are HPR and Quality Compass different?

Quality Compass is NCQA’s interactive database containing individual plan performance results for HEDIS® and CAHPS® measures, as well as benchmark data at the national, regional (Census, HHS) and state levels. It reports individual plan data from plans that chose to publicly report their performance results. Benchmark results comprise all plan data submitted to NCQA, regardless of reporting status.
NCQA Health Plan Ratings (HPR) is a separate method of evaluating and distributing information related to health plan quality and performance. It assesses and reports plan performance in several domains. The goal of HPR is to give plans a scale to assess their current operating status, to help ensure quality. HPR provides consumers with information that helps them select a high-quality health plan that suits their needs.
NCQA’s Health Plan Ratings 2022 assesses commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid health plans. The overall rating is the weighted average of a plan’s HEDIS® and CAHPS® measure ratings, plus bonus points for plans with a current Accreditation status. Please visit our HPR website (https://www.ncqa.org/hedis/reports-and-research/ncqas-health-plan-ratings-2022/) to learn more.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Access When will I receive access to Quality Compass?

Access to the data is granted as soon as payment is received by check or credit card.

The default email address used for access will be the individual’s whose information was included under the “Ship To” section completed at checkout Login and password information will be emailed to the default user after NCQA sets up the account. The default user, also known as the Administrative User, will have access to manage the additional licensed users on the account.



9.15.2022 Quality Compass Exchange Product Does NCQA have Exchange data available on Quality Compass?

In 2022, NCQA will be releasing  Quality Compass Exchange data for the first time. Exchange data will be available outside of the Quality Compass tool via a data file delivered on NCQA’s Download Center. The data file will contain individual plan level performance and benchmarks (averages and percentiles) for Exchange plans. It will contain results for QRS measure indicators used in the QRS Scoring program only. The Exchange data file is available for purchase now and will be released in November 2022.


9.15.2022 Purchasing Quality Compass How do I purchase Quality Compass?

If you are purchasing Quality Compass directly from the NCQA Store and your organization does not require a custom license agreement, you can simply visit the NCQA Store page to complete your purchase.
If you require a custom data license agreement and have accepted the quote provided by the Information Products (IP) team, the next step is to have a customized agreement forwarded to you for the organization’s review and signature. The customized agreement will include information on the permissions, data usage and fees discussed with the IP department.

Once the agreement is signed by both parties, NCQA will issue an invoice for payment. Once payment is received, you will be granted access to the data and/or the agreed upon permissions take effect.


9.15.2022 Quality Compass Release Dates 2022 What are the release dates for the Quality Compass 2022(MY2021) product lines?

The expected release dates for Quality Compass 2022(MY2021) are as follows:

    • Commercial – July 29th, 2022
    • Medicaid – September 30th, 2022
    • Medicare – October 28th, 2022
    • Exchange – November 2022 


9.15.2022 Quality Compass License Agreement How can we determine if the Quality Compass license agreement meets my needs?

The standard license agreement for Quality Compass allows internal or external reporting for 15 measure indicators, 20 health plan submissions and 2 benchmarks (averages and/or percentiles) outside of the users licensed on the account. If your organization’s expected data usage does not align with the standard agreement, we can review your requested permissions and draft a customized agreement, subject to a different fee structure.


9.15.2022 Antibiotic Utilization for Respiratory Conditions (AXR) The Antibiotic Utilization for Respiratory Conditions (AXR) does not include age stratifications and total rate bullets. Was this intentional?

No. A correction will be in the MY 2023 Technical Update. The Ages section in the Eligible Population should read as follows:
Members who were 3 months of age or older as of the Episode Date. Report three age stratifications and a total rate:

  • 3 months–17 years.
  • 18–64 years.
  • 65 years and older.
  • Total.

The total is the sum of the age stratifications.