IRT Training Registrations and Video Tutorials

The Interactive Review Tool (IRT) is an improved web-based platform used to conduct a self-assessed readiness evaluation and manage the NCQA Accreditation/Certification Survey process. NCQA encourages organizations to attend training prior to completing steps in the IRT. The trainings are divided into three groups: 

  1. Pre-submission: Organization readiness evaluation and survey preparation 
  2. Post-submission: Conducting the survey process from submission to final report 
  3. New Features: IRT updates and feature enhancements 

Is IRT the correct survey platform for my survey? 

NCQA uses the IRT for all the following Accreditation, Certification, and Distinction surveys: 

  • Utilization Management and Credentialing (UM-CR) Certification. 
  • Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) Certification. 
  • Health Information Products (HIP) Certification. 
  • Disease Management (DM) Accreditation and Certification. 
  • Case Management (CM) Accreditation. 
  • Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS (CM-LTSS). 
  • Health Plan (HP) Accreditation. 
  • Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (MBHO) Accreditation. 
  • Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP) Accreditation and Certification. 
  • Multicultural Health Care (MHC) Distinction. 

How do I access the video training tutorials? 

 Organizations are strongly encouraged to watch the available on-demand video tutorials prior to using IRT and prior to registering for a pre-submission or post-submission training. Click here to view the IRT Video Tutorials: 

  • IRT Key Functionality: Dashboard, Details Tab, Document Library, Timeline, Validation, Score Summary, and Reports 
  • Navigating in IRT: Actions button, Navigation Tree, and Element-Level Tabs 
  • Managing Users in IRT: You may contact Customer Support for an upgrade is necessary for more than one user must be assigned to the Survey Tool. 
  • How to Complete Specific Tasks in IRT: Readiness Evaluation, Submit in IRT, Review and Respond to Issues, Host Survey Call, Respond to Issues, Comment at Preliminary Report, Review Final Report 
  • IRT Linked Licenses: Tips for SSME, Multiple Product, and National Surveys 
  • IRT Resources and Training Support Page: Tip Sheets, System Help, and More 

Which training registration should I attend? 

The IRT Training Registrations are divided into two main groups: (1) Pre-submission and (2) Post-submission. Please see the next section for New Feature Training. Pre-submission training provides a demonstration and Q&A for organizations in completing Readiness Evaluation, submitting the Survey Tool, and preparing for the survey process. Post-submission training provides a Q&A session for organizations who have already submitted are participating in the survey process. The Q&A session includes a brief overview of changes from ISS, as well as a brief demonstration in completing tasks from the point of submission through viewing the Final Report. Organizations are encouraged to watch the video tutorials before attending both types of trainings.  

Please register 24 hours in advance to process and dial into the call 10 minutes before the start time. 

1) Pre-submission Training Registrations – Adding documents to the Document Library, Assessing Scores, Adding Guidance Statements, Validating, Navigating, and Advancing the Timeline 

Single Surveys (For submitting one Survey Tool): 

Linked Licenses (For submitting SSME, Multiple Product, National Surveys): 

2) Post-submission Training Registrations - Reviewing Issues and Creating the Agenda, Hosting the Survey Call, and Responding to Issues, Commenting at the Preliminary Report, and Viewing the Final Report  

Single Surveys (For completing tasks in one Survey Tool):

Linked Licenses (For completing tasks in SSME, Multiple Product, National Surveys):

How do I learn about new features updated in IRT? 

To learn more about enhancements and changes made to the IRT after each system update, you may register here.  


If you have questions about trainings or about using the IRT, then please submit them by using, or call us at 888.275.7585. If you have any questions regarding your survey, please contact your ASC. 

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