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Interactive Review Tool

NCQA has launched a new system to conduct and manage many aspects of our accreditation and certification survey process: the Interactive Review Tool (IRT). 

What Will Change

The IRT launched March 31, 2015. The phase in schedule for products in 2015 is: 

  • As of March 31, 2015, Certification of Credentials Verification Organizations (CVO) and Certification in Utilization Management and Credentialing (UM-CR). 
  • As of September 1, 2015, Certification of Health Information Products surveys on IRT.
  • As of December 1, 2015, Accreditation and Certification of Disease Management (DM).
    Accreditation of Case Management (CM) Accreditation and Distinction for Multicultural Health Care (MHC).

With very few exceptions, all surveys for these two products will use the IRT after it is launched. Once it is launched, IRT will support survey activities from submission through the final report. 

NCQA will add its remaining Accreditation programs (Health Plan, Wellness and Health Promotion and Managed Behavioral Health organizations) to IRT in 2016. Once all products are on the IRT for post-submission processes, we plan to migrate pre-survey ISS functions, as well.


What Won’t Change

Many familiar aspects of an NCQA survey will remain the same, including: 

  • The pre-survey process, which will use the current ISS while the IRT is phased in.  
  • Submitting your survey information. You will still use ISS for this. 
  • The survey process steps, including review, receipt of issues, conference calls, response to issues and onsite survey (where applicable). 
  • Timelines for all steps in the survey process.  
  • Support from an assigned accreditation survey coordinator (ASC), who facilitates your survey throughout the process.

What We’ll do to Help You Prepare

Because organizations use the IRT during the survey to access their results and provide information to NCQA, you must go through the IRT. NCQA offers free Webinars twice each month through the end of 2015 (a training schedule for 2016 will be posted as the time nears).

We strongly encourage you to attend a training closest to your scheduled submission date as you will not use IRT until after you submit your survey tool. Please attend a training no later than 10 days after your submission. There is no cost to attend the training.

  • Each organization can register two attendees per training session, but you may have as many people observing at your location as you like.
  • You may attend additional training sessions if seats are available, but priority will be given to organizations that have not attended a session yet.

Click here for training dates and registration.

Within IRT, you will have access to a complete user manual, short “tip sheets” for key tasks and video demonstrations. And, as always, your ASC is available to help you during your survey.

Receive Future Updates

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Questions? Check out our FAQs for detailed information. If you have other questions, click here or call 888.275-7585.