Solutions to Your Health Care Quality Challenges

As the contractual services arm of NCQA, the QSG—Quality Solutions Group—helps public-sector and private health care leaders meet multidimensional challenges. Through QSG, your organization can access the skills of NCQA, an organization respected for sustained leadership in measuring and improving health care quality. We have a track record of leveraging NCQA’s know-how to meet an array of client needs. See Select QSG Clients.

Why QSG?

Today’s value-based health care environment challenges organizations to effectively and accurately measure, evaluate and improve performance across multiple areas. QSG was established to respond to organizations’ demand for tailor-made assistance. To meet this need, QSG brings together NCQA experts and seasoned professionals with the right mix of skills and expertise to support initiatives in a variety of areas:
  • Performance measure development and implementation, including electronic Clinical Quality Measures.
  • Patient-centered medical home, practice transformation and electronic health records.
  • Benchmarking, comparative analysis and identification of high performers and best practices.
  • Innovative approaches to measuring and evaluating vulnerable populations using patient-reported outcomes.

QSG: Putting NCQA Expertise to Work for You

When you work with QSG, you have access to NCQA’s experience in performance measurement, program development and operations.


  • Develops and adapts performance measures for diverse settings using varied data sources, including electronic clinical data.
  • Promotes the effective use of performance measurement and translates data into actionable information (e.g., customized performance reports).
  • Leverages, on your organization’s behalf, NCQA’s proven evaluation methods, Web-based data submission systems and extensive data management capabilities.
  • Designs and conducts learning programs that offer critical support to your initiatives. We can help increase participation by designing programs that offer continuing education credits.
  • Analyzes quality data to identify high-performing organizations—and how they got that way.

QSG Services at a Glance

Improve Outcomes, Reduce Costs of Care